The catalogue and other advertising material have the only intention to show the range of our products. Data and information present on it do not imply any guarantee or responsability on the choise of the application and in any case it is advised to test the product by means of test in real conditions. The conformity of the products to the use that the buyer means to do with them is only under buyer responsability. The product is guaranteed for a period of twelve months (from the date of departure) against working or material defects found in spite of a correct use of the item and/or standard working conditions. The guarantee is limited to the substitution or repair only of the products that, to judgment of the seller, turn out defective. The products declared not conform by the buyer have to be checked by the seller at his own establishment at buyer charges. Items damaged, modified or repaired by the buyer or anybody else after the departure from our establishment are not guaranteed. Any kind of responsability will not be accepted by the seller for damages, even if accidental, connected to the use of the product made on the base of the information and illustrations contained in the catalogue. All specifications are approximate and may vary depending on the installation. Contractual agreements made on the base of designs and technical details have more priority than catalogue data. Seller reserves the right to modify, even without notice, all the informations present in the catalogue. The court of justice of seller’s seat is the exclusive competent for any kind of controversy.