A year of efficiency and optimisation

A YEAR OF EFFICIENCY AND OPTIMIZATION: the balance sheet of Modula vertical warehouses


A year has passed since the installation of Modula vertical warehouses in our company and we can finally take stock of this important innovation.

The first aspect to emphasise is the increase in efficiency: automatic material handling has drastically reduced picking and storage times, speeding up operations and increasing productivity. The figures speak for themselves: we have recorded a 50% decrease in picking times and a 20% increase in productivity.

Space optimisation is another strength of the Modula warehouses. Thanks to their vertical structure, we have freed up to 85% of the area previously occupied by conventional warehouses. This has allowed us to create new space for other activities, improving flexibility and work organisation.

The introduction of the vertical warehouses has also brought considerable benefits to our employees, and it is they whom we asked to take stock of this year.

And who better to help us with this than Erika the Modula operator.

Q: Erika, can you tell us how your work has changed since the installation of the Modula vertical warehouses?

E: Definitely! The change has been remarkable, especially in terms of efficiency and productivity. Before the introduction of Modula, warehouse management was a long and laborious process. We had to manually search for items on the shelves, which was time-consuming and could be frustrating. Now, with the Modula, everything has become simpler and faster. The machine automatically finds the items and delivers them directly to the operator, which has significantly reduced picking and sorting times.

Q: What are the main advantages you have noticed with the use of Modula?

E: The advantages are really many. First of all, as I have already mentioned, there is a significant time saving: we are able to process orders much more quickly and this allows us to be more efficient and productive. In addition, the Modula has reduced picking errors to a minimum because the machine automatically identifies items and picks them accurately. This has improved the quality of our work and minimised returns and waste.

Q: Are there other aspects of your work that have improved with the use of the Modula?

E: Absolutely. The working environment has become safer and more comfortable. The Modula is equipped with safety systems that prevent access to dangerous areas and manual handling of loads. In addition, the use of the machine has reduced the physical fatigue of the operators, who can now work in a more relaxed and concentrated manner.

Q: In conclusion, can we say that your experience with Modula this year has been positive?

E: Without a doubt! I am convinced that Modula is an innovative and cutting-edge solution for warehouse management. They have greatly improved my work and brought many benefits to the company in terms of efficiency, productivity and safety.

Thank you very much, Erika, for your feedback!

Furthermore, the installation of the Modula warehouses has had a positive impact on the environment. Energy consumption has significantly decreased thanks to the optimisation of movements and the use of LED lighting systems.

In conclusion, the introduction of the Modula vertical warehouses has proved to be a winning choice for our company. The increase in efficiency, optimisation of space, reduction in errors and increased safety have led to a significant improvement in our business. We are convinced that this innovation will play a fundamental role in the future of our company, allowing us to be even more competitive and sustainable.

  • Height: 5,100 mm
  • Length: 3,517 mm
  • Depth: 3,165 mm
  • Load height management
  • Copilot touch screen console
  • Maximum drawer capacity of 750 kg
  • Automatic weight control
  • Minimal energy consumption
  • Simple and intuitive software

Erika Gazzotti