Product codeInternal diameter dExternal diameter DThickness CThickness SGo to Product
GE25SX2547420.6Go to Product
GE30SX305549.51.3Go to Product
GE35SX356255.52.1Go to Product
GE40SX4068622.8Go to Product
GE45SX457568.53.5Go to Product
GE50SX5080744.3Go to Product
GE60SX609588.55.7Go to Product
GE70SX701101027.2Go to Product
GE80SX801251158.6Go to Product
GE90SX90140128.510.1Go to Product
GE100SX1001504111.6Go to Product
GE110SX11017015513Go to Product
GE120SX12018016814.5Go to Product
GE6DO66144Go to Product
GE8DO88165Go to Product
GE10DO109196Go to Product
GE12DO1210227Go to Product
GE15DO - GE15DO-2RS1512269Go to Product
GE16DO16143010Go to Product
GE17DO - GE17DO-2RS17143010Go to Product
GE20DO - GE20DO-2RS20163512Go to Product
GE25DO - GE25DO-2RS25204216Go to Product
GE30DO - GE30DO-2RS30224718Go to Product
GE35DO - GE35DO-2RS35255520Go to Product
GE40DO - GE40DO-2RS40286222Go to Product
GE45DO - GE45DO-2RS45326825Go to Product
GE50DO - GE50DO-2RS50357528Go to Product
GE60DO - GE60DO-2RS60449036Go to Product
GE70DO - GE70DO-2RS704910540Go to Product
GE80DO - GE80DO-2RS805512045Go to Product
GE90DO - GE90DO-2RS906013050Go to Product
GE100DO - GE100DO-2RS1007015055Go to Product
GE110DO - GE110DO-2RS1107016055Go to Product
GE120DO - GE120DO-2RS1208518070Go to Product
GE140DO - GE140DO-2RS1409021070Go to Product
GE160DO - GE160DO-2RS16010523080Go to Product
GE180DO - GE180DO-2RS18010526080Go to Product
GE200DO - GE200DO-2RS200130290100Go to Product
GE220DO-2RS220135320100Go to Product
GE240DO-2RS240140340100Go to Product
GE260DO-2RS260150370110Go to Product
GE280DO-2RS280155400120Go to Product
GE300DO-2RS300165430120Go to Product
GE6UK61446Go to Product
GE8UK81658Go to Product
GE10UK101969Go to Product
GE12UK1222710Go to Product
GE15UK1526912Go to Product
GE17UK - GE17UK-2RS17301014Go to Product
GE20UK - GE20UK-2RS20351216Go to Product
GE25UK - GE25UK-2RS25421620Go to Product
GE30UK - GE30UK-2RS30471822Go to Product
GE35UK-2RS35552025Go to Product
GE40UK-2RS40622228Go to Product
GE45UK-2RS45682532Go to Product
GE50UK-2RS50752835Go to Product
GE60UK-2RS60903644Go to Product
GE70UK-2RS701054049Go to Product
GE80UK-2RS801204555Go to Product
GE90UK-2RS901305060Go to Product
GE100UK-2RS1001505570Go to Product
GE110UK-2RS1101605570Go to Product
GE120UK-2RS1201807085Go to Product
GE140UK-2RS1402107090Go to Product
GE160UK-2RS16023080105Go to Product
GE180UK-2RS18026080105Go to Product
GE200UK-2RS200290100130Go to Product
GE220UK-2RS220320100135Go to Product
GE240UK-2RS240340100140Go to Product
GE260UK-2RS260370110150Go to Product
GE280UK-2RS280400120155Go to Product
GE300UK-2RS300430120165Go to Product
GE12LO1222712Go to Product
GE16LO1628916Go to Product
GE20LO20351220Go to Product
GE25LO25421625Go to Product
GE30LO30471830Go to Product
GE32LO32521832Go to Product
GE40LO40622240Go to Product
GE50LO50752850Go to Product
GE63LO63953663Go to Product
GE70LO701054070Go to Product
GE80LO801204580Go to Product
GE90LO901305090Go to Product
GE100LO10015055100Go to Product
GE110LO11016055110Go to Product
GE125LO12518070125Go to Product
GE160LO16023080160Go to Product
GE200LO200290100200Go to Product
GE250LO250400120250Go to Product
GE320LO320520160320Go to Product
GE20HO-2RS20351224Go to Product
GE25HO-2RS25421629Go to Product
GE30HO-2RS30471830Go to Product
GE35HO-2RS35552035Go to Product
GE40HO-2RS40622238Go to Product
GE45HO-2RS45682540Go to Product
GE50HO-2RS50752843Go to Product
GE60HO-2RS60903654Go to Product
GE70HO-2RS701054065Go to Product
GE80HO-2RS801204574Go to Product
GE6FO61659Go to Product
GE8FO819611Go to Product
GE10FO1022712Go to Product
GE12FO1226915Go to Product
GE15FO - GE15FO-2RS15301016Go to Product
GE17FO - GE17FO-2RS17351220Go to Product
GE20FO - GE20FO-2RS20421625Go to Product
GE25FO - GE25FO-2RS25471828Go to Product
GE30FO - GE30FO-2RS30552032Go to Product
GE35FO - GE35FO-2RS35622235Go to Product
GE40FO - GE40FO-2RS40682540Go to Product
GE45FO - GE45FO-2RS45752843Go to Product
GE50FO - GE50FO-2RS50903656Go to Product
GE60FO - GE60FO-2RS601054063Go to Product
GE70FO - GE70FO-2RS701204570Go to Product
GE80FO - GE80FO-2RS801305075Go to Product
GE90FO - GE90FO-2RS901505585Go to Product
GE100FO - GE100FO-2RS1001605585Go to Product
GE110FO - GE110FO-2RS11018070100Go to Product
GE120FO - GE120FO-2RS12021070115Go to Product
GE140FO - GE140FO-2RS14023080130Go to Product
GE160FO - GE160FO-2RS16026080135Go to Product
GE180FO - GE180FO-2RS180290100155Go to Product
GE200FO-2RS200320100165Go to Product
GE230FO-2RS220340100175Go to Product
GE240FO-2RS240370110190Go to Product
GE260FO-2RS260400120205Go to Product
GE280FO-2RS280430120210Go to Product
GE6FW61659Go to Product
GE8FW819611Go to Product
GE10FW1022712Go to Product
GE12FW1226915Go to Product
GE15FW15301016Go to Product
GE17FW17351220Go to Product
GE20FW20421625Go to Product
GE25FW25471828Go to Product
GE30FW - GE30FW-2RS30552032Go to Product
GE35FW-2RS35622235Go to Product
GE40FW-2RS40682540Go to Product
GE45FW-2RS45752843Go to Product
GE50FW-2RS50903656Go to Product
GE60FW-2RS601054063Go to Product
GE70FW-2RS701204570Go to Product
GE80FW-2RS801305075Go to Product
GE90FW-2RS901505585Go to Product
GE100FW-2RS1001605585Go to Product
GE110FW-2RS11018070100Go to Product
GE120FW-2RS12021070115Go to Product
GE140FW-2RS14023080130Go to Product
GE160FW-2RS16036080135Go to Product
GE180FW-2RS180290100155Go to Product
GE10AX103077Go to Product
GE12AX12359.38Go to Product
GE15AX154210.810Go to Product
GE17AX174711.211Go to Product
GE20AX205513.812.5Go to Product
GE25AX256216.714Go to Product
GE30AX30751917.5Go to Product
GE35AX359020.722Go to Product
GE40AX4010521.524.5Go to Product
GE45AX4512025.527.5Go to Product
GE50AX5013030.530Go to Product
GE60AX601503435Go to Product
GE70AX7016036.535Go to Product
GE80AX801803842.5Go to Product
GE100AX1002104645Go to Product
GE120AX1202305052.5Go to Product
GE12ZO12.7 / 0.500”22.225 / 0.375”9.525 / 0.375”11.1 / 0.437”Go to Product
GE15ZO15.875 / 0.625”26.988 / 0.469”11.913 / 0.469”13.894 / 0.547”Go to Product
GE19ZO19.05 / 0.750”31.75 / 0.562”14.275 / 0.562”16.662 / 0.656”Go to Product
GE22ZO22.225 / 0.875”36.513 / 0.656”16.662 / 0.656”19.431 / 0.756”Go to Product
GE25ZO - GE25ZO-2RS25.4 / 1.000”41.275 / 0.750”19.05 / 0.750”22.225 / 0.875”Go to Product
GE31ZO - GE31ZO-2RS31.75 / 1.250”50.8 / 0.937”23.8 / 0.937”27.762 / 1.093”Go to Product
GE34ZO - GE34ZO-2RS34.925 / 1.375”55.563 / 1.031”26.187 / 1.031”30.15 / 1.187”Go to Product
GE38ZO - GE38ZO-2RS38.1 / 1.500”61.913 / 1.125”28.575 / 1.125”33.325 / 1.312”Go to Product
GE44ZO - GE40ZO-2RS44.45 / 1.750”71.438 / 1.312”33.325 / 1.312”38.887 / 1.531”Go to Product
GE50ZO - GE50ZO-2RS50.8 / 2.000”80.963 / 1.500”38.1 / 1.500”44.45 / 1.750”Go to Product
GE57ZO - GE57ZO-2RS57.15 / 2.250”90.488 / 1.687”42.85 / 1.687”50.013 / 1.969”Go to Product
GE63ZO - GE63ZO-2RS63.5 / 2.500”100.013 / 1.875”47.625 / 1.875”55.55 / 2.187”Go to Product
GE69ZO - GE69ZO-2RS69.85 / 2.750”111.125 / 2.062”52.375 / 2.062”61.112 / 2.406”Go to Product
GE76ZO - GE76ZO-2RS76.2 / 3.000”120.65 / 2.250”57.15 / 2.250”66.675 / 2.625”Go to Product
GE82ZO - GE82ZO-2RS82.55 / 3.250”130.175 / 2.437”61.09 / 2.437”72.238 / 2.844”Go to Product
GE88ZO - GE88ZO-2RS88.9 / 3.500”139.7 / 2.625”66.675 / 2.625”77.775 / 3.062”Go to Product
GE95ZO - GE95ZO-2RS95.25 / 3.750”149.225 / 2.812”71.425 / 2.812”83.337 / 3.281”Go to Product
GE101ZO - GE101ZO-2RS101.6 / 4.000"157.75 / 3000”76.2 / 3.000”88.9 / 3.500”Go to Product
Product codeInternal diameter dThickness SWheelbase IThreadModelGo to product
S10C (1)10924-to be weldedGo to product
S12C (1)121027-to be weldedGo to product
S15C (2)151231-to be weldedGo to product
S16C (2)161435-to be weldedGo to product
S17C (2)171435-to be weldedGo to product
S20C201638-to be weldedGo to product
S25C252045-to be weldedGo to product
S30C302251-to be weldedGo to product
S35C352561-to be weldedGo to product
S40C402869-to be weldedGo to product
S45C453277-to be weldedGo to product
S50C503588-to be weldedGo to product
S60C6044100-to be weldedGo to product
S70C7049115-to be weldedGo to product
S80C8055141-to be weldedGo to product
S20C-FO202545-to be weldedGo to product
S25C-FO252851-to be weldedGo to product
S30C-FO303261-to be weldedGo to product
S35C-FO353569-to be weldedGo to product
S40C-FO404077-to be weldedGo to product
S45C-FO454388-to be weldedGo to product
S50C-FO5056100-to be weldedGo to product
S60C-FO6063115-to be weldedGo to product
S70C-FO7070141-to be weldedGo to product
S20C-LO202038-to be weldedGo to product
S25C-LO252545-to be weldedGo to product
S30C-LO303051-to be weldedGo to product
S35C-LO353561-to be weldedGo to product
S40C-LO404069-to be weldedGo to product
S45C-LO454577-to be weldedGo to product
S50C-LO505088-to be weldedGo to product
S60C-LO6060100-to be weldedGo to product
S70C-LO7070115-to be weldedGo to product
S80C-.LO8080141-to be weldedGo to product
S15N151231-to be weldedGo to product
S16N161435-to be weldedGo to product
S17N171435-to be weldedGo to product
S20N201638-to be weldedGo to product
S25N252045-to be weldedGo to product
S30N302251-to be weldedGo to product
S35N352561-to be weldedGo to product
S40N402869-to be weldedGo to product
S45N453277-to be weldedGo to product
S50N503588-to be weldedGo to product
S60N6044100-to be weldedGo to product
S70N7049115-to be weldedGo to product
S80N8055141-to be weldedGo to product
S90N9060150-to be weldedGo to product
S100N10070170-to be weldedGo to product
S110N11070185-to be weldedGo to product
S120N12085210-to be weldedGo to product
S12N-FO121531-to be weldedGo to product
S15N-FO151635-to be weldedGo to product
S17N-FO172038-to be weldedGo to product
S20N-FO202545-to be weldedGo to product
S25N-FO252851-to be weldedGo to product
S30N-FO303261-to be weldedGo to product
S35N-FO353559-to be weldedGo to product
S40N-FO404077-to be weldedGo to product
S45N-FO454388-to be weldedGo to product
S50N-FO5056100-to be weldedGo to product
S60N-FO6063115-to be weldedGo to product
S70N-FO7070141-to be weldedGo to product
S80N-FO8075150-to be weldedGo to product
S90N-FO9085170-to be weldedGo to product
S100N-FO10085185-to be weldedGo to product
S110N-FO110100210-to be weldedGo to product
S-GE202016--to be weldedGo to product
S-GE252520--to be weldedGo to product
S-GE303022--to be weldedGo to product
S-GE353525--to be weldedGo to product
S-GE404028--to be weldedGo to product
S-GE454532--to be weldedGo to product
S-GE505035--to be weldedGo to product
S-GE606044--to be weldedGo to product
PN20CE202038-to be weldedGo to product
PN25CE252545-to be weldedGo to product
PN32CE323265-to be weldedGo to product
PN40CE404069-to be weldedGo to product
PN50CE505088-to be weldedGo to product
PN63CE6363107-to be weldedGo to product
PN70CE7070115-to be weldedGo to product
PN90CE8080141-to be weldedGo to product
PN90CE9090150-to be weldedGo to product
PN100CE100100170-to be weldedGo to product
PN110CE110110185-to be weldedGo to product
PN125CE120125210-to be weldedGo to product
FT20/3520 – 0.01016 – 0.01246-to be weldedGo to product
FT20/4020 – 0.01016 – 0.01246-to be weldedGo to product
FT20/4520 – 0.01016 – 0.01246-to be weldedGo to product
FT20/5020 – 0.01016 – 0.01246-to be weldedGo to product
FT25/4025 – 0.01020 – 0.01253-to be weldedGo to product
FT25/5025 – 0.01020 – 0.01253-to be weldedGo to product
FT25/5525 – 0.01020 – 0.01255-to be weldedGo to product
FT30/5030 – 0.01022 – 0.01259-to be weldedGo to product
FT30/6030 – 0.01022 – 0.01261-to be weldedGo to product
FT30/6330 – 0.01022 – 0.01261-to be weldedGo to product
FT30/6530 – 0.01022 – 0.01261-to be weldedGo to product
FT35/6335 – 0.01225 – 0.01271-to be weldedGo to product
FT35/7535 – 0.01225 – 0.01271-to be weldedGo to product
FT35/7035 – 0.01225 – 0.01271-to be weldedGo to product
FT35/8035 – 0.01225 – 0.01271-to be weldedGo to product
FT35/80/135 – 0.01225 – 0.01271-to be weldedGo to product
FT40/8040 – 0.01228 – 0.01279-to be weldedGo to product
FT40/8540 – 0.01228 – 0.01282-to be weldedGo to product
FT40/9040 – 0.01228 – 0.01282-to be weldedGo to product
FT40/10040 – 0.01228 – 0.01282-to be weldedGo to product
FT50/11050 – 0.01235 – 0.012101-to be weldedGo to product
FT50/12050 – 0.01235 – 0.012104-to be weldedGo to product
FT50/12550 – 0.01235 – 0.012104-to be weldedGo to product
FT60/13060 – 0.01544 – 0.012116-to be weldedGo to product
FT60/14060 – 0.01544 – 0.012116-to be weldedGo to product
FT60/15060 – 0.01544 – 0.012118-to be weldedGo to product
FS001616.23534-to be weldedGo to product
FS002020.254040-to be weldedGo to product
FS002525.255045-to be weldedGo to product
FS003030.256050-to be weldedGo to product
FS003535.257055-to be weldedGo to product
PR20N205016M16X1.5threadedGo to product
PR25N255020M16X1.5threadedGo to product
PR30N306022M22X1.5threadedGo to product
PR35N357025M28X1.5threadedGo to product
PR40N408528M35X1.5threadedGo to product
PR50N5010535M45X1.5threadedGo to product
PR60N6013044M58X1.5threadedGo to product
PR70N7015049M65X1.5threadedGo to product
PR80N8017055M80X2threadedGo to product
PR90N9021060M100X2threadedGo to product
PR100N10023570M110X2threadedGo to product
PR110N11036570M120X3threadedGo to product
PR120NG12031085M130X3threadedGo to product
PR17N-FO171650M16X1.5threadedGo to product
PR20N-FO202050M16X1.5threadedGo to product
PR25N-FO252260M22X1.5threadedGo to product
PR35N-FO352570M28X1.5threadedGo to product
PR40N-FO402885M35X1.5threadedGo to product
PR50N-FO5035105M45X1.5threadedGo to product
PR60N-FO6044130M58X1.5threadedGo to product
PR70N-FO7049150M65X1.5threadedGo to product
PR80N-FO8055170M80X2threadedGo to product
PR90N-FO9060210M100X2threadedGo to product
PR100N-FO10070235M110X2threadedGo to product
PR110N-FO11070365M120X3threadedGo to product
PR120NG-FO12085310M130X3threadedGo to product
PR20N-HO2RS202450M16X1.5threadedGo to product
PR25N-HO2RS252950M16X1.5threadedGo to product
PR30N-HO2RS303060M22X1.5threadedGo to product
PR35N-HO2RS353570M28X1.5threadedGo to product
PR40N-HO2RS403885M35X1.5threadedGo to product
PR50N-HO2RS5043105M45X1.5threadedGo to product
PR60N-HO2RS6054130M58X1.5threadedGo to product
PR70N-HO2RS7065150M65X1.5threadedGo to product
PR80N-HO2RS8074170M80X2threadedGo to product
PR20U201650M16X1.5threadedGo to product
PR25U252050M16X1.5threadedGo to product
PR30U302260M22X1.5threadedGo to product
PR35U352570M28X1.5threadedGo to product
PR40U402885M35X1.5threadedGo to product
PR50U5035105M45X1.5threadedGo to product
PR60U6044130M58X1.5threadedGo to product
PR70U7049150M65X1.5threadedGo to product
PR80U8055170M80X2threadedGo to product
PR90U9060210M100X2threadedGo to product
PR100U10070235M110X2threadedGo to product
PR110U11070265M120X3threadedGo to product
PR120U12085310M130X3threadedGo to product
PR20U-HO2RS202450M16X1.5threadedGo to product
PR25U-HO2RS252950M16X1.5threadedGo to product
PR30U-HO2RS303060M22X1.5threadedGo to product
PR35U-HO2RS353570M28X1.5threadedGo to product
PR40U-HO2RS403885M35X1.5threadedGo to product
PR50U-HO2RS5043105M45X1.5threadedGo to product
PR60U-HO2RS6054130M58X1.5threadedGo to product
PR70U-HO2RS7065150M65X1.5threadedGo to product
PR80U-HO2RS8074170M80X2threadedGo to product
PR12CE123812M12X1.25threadedGo to product
PR16CE164416M14X1.5threadedGo to product
PR20CE205220M16X1.5threadedGo to product
PR25CE256525M20X1.5threadedGo to product
PR32CE328032M27X2threadedGo to product
PR40CE409740M33X2threadedGo to product
PR50CE5012050M42X2threadedGo to product
PR63CE6314063M48X2threadedGo to product
PR70CE7016070M56X2threadedGo to product
PR80CE8018080M64X3threadedGo to product
PR90CE9019590M72X3threadedGo to product
PR100CE100210100M80X3threadedGo to product
PR110CEG110235110M90X3threadedGo to product
PR125CEG125260125M100X3threadedGo to product
PR160CEG160310160M125X4threadedGo to product
PR200CEG200390200M160X4threadedGo to product
PR250CEG250530250M200X4threadedGo to product
PR12CE-UK121038M12X1.25threadedGo to product
PR20CE-UK201652M16X1.5threadedGo to product
PR25CE-UK252065M20X1.5threadedGo to product
PR40CE-UK402897M33X2threadedGo to product
PR50CE-UK5035120M42X2threadedGo to product
PR70CE-UK7049160M56X2threadedGo to product
PR80CE-UK8055180M64X3threadedGo to product
PR90CE-UK9060195M72X3threadedGo to product
PR100CE-UK10070210M80X3threadedGo to product
PR110CE-UK11070235M90X3threadedGo to product
PR120CE-UK12085260M100X3threadedGo to product
PR160CE-UK160105310M125X4threadedGo to product
PR200CE-UK200130390M160X4threadedGo to product
PR280CE-UK280155530M200X4threadedGo to product
PR12S124210M10X1.25threadedGo to product
PR16S164814M12X1.25threadedGo to product
PR20S205816M14X1.5threadedGo to product
PR25S256820M16X1.5threadedGo to product
PR30S308522M20X15threadedGo to product
PR40S4010528M27X2threadedGo to product
PR50S5013035M33X2threadedGo to product
PR60S6015044M42X2threadedGo to product
PR80S8018555M48X2threadedGo to product
PR100S10024070M64X3threadedGo to product
MA25D25 - 0.01020 - 0.1265M18X2threadedGo to product
MA30D30 - 0.01022 - 0.1275M24X2threadedGo to product
MA35D35 - 0.01225 - 0.1290M30X2threadedGo to product
MA40D40 - 0.01228 - 0.12105M39X3threadedGo to product
MA50D50 - 0.01235 - 0.12135M50X3threadedGo to product
MA60D60 - 0.01544 - 0.15170M64X3threadedGo to product
MA70D70 - 0.01549 - 0.15195M80X3threadedGo to product
MA80D80 - 0.01555 - 0.15210M90X3threadedGo to product
MA90D90 - 0.02060 - 0.20250M100X3threadedGo to product
MA110D110 - 0.02070 - 0.203000M120X4threadedGo to product
MA120D120 - 0.02085 - 0.20360M150X4threadedGo to product
MA160D160 - 0.020105 - 0.20460M180X4threadedGo to product
MA20D-FO20 - 0.01020 - 0.1265M18X2threadedGo to product
MA25D-FO25 - 0.01022 - 0.1275M24X2threadedGo to product
MA30D-FO30 - 0.01225 - 0.1290M30X2threadedGo to product
MA35D-FO35 - 0.01228 - 0.12105M39X3threadedGo to product
MA45D-FO45 - 0.01235 - 0.12135M50X3threadedGo to product
MA50D-FO50 - 0.01544 - 0.15170M64X3threadedGo to product
MA60D-FO60 - 0.01549 - 0.15195M80X3threadedGo to product
MA70D-FO70 - 0.01555 - 0.15210M90X3threadedGo to product
MA80D-FO80 - 0.02060 - 0.20250M100X3threadedGo to product
FF001616.23539M16X1.5threadedGo to product
FF002020.254045M20X1.5threadedGo to product
FF002525.255050M24X2threadedGo to product
FF003030.256065M30X2threadedGo to product
FF003535.257075M33X2threadedGo to product
F2316201554M16x1.5threadedGo to product
F2320201560M20x1.5threadedGo to product
F2327282075M27x2threadedGo to product
F2333362599M33x2threadedGo to product
F23424530113M42x2threadedGo to product
F23485635126M48x2threadedGo to product
F23647040168M64x3threadedGo to product
F23807040168M80x3threadedGo to product
4F2316201554M16x1.5threadedGo to product
4F2320201560M20x1.5threadedGo to product
4F2327282075M27x2threadedGo to product
4F2333362599M33x2threadedGo to product
4F23424530113M42x2threadedGo to product
4F23485635126M48x2threadedGo to product
4F23647040168M64x3threadedGo to product
4F23807040168M80x3threadedGo to product
FE6D6636M6x1threadedGo to product
FE8D8842M8x1.25threadedGo to product
FE10D10948M10x1.5threadedGo to product
FE12D121054M12x1.75threadedGo to product
FE15D151263M14x2threadedGo to product
FE17D171469M16x2threadedGo to product
FE20D201678M20x1.5threadedGo to product
FE25D252094M24x2threadedGo to product
FE30D3022110M30x2threadedGo to product
FE35D-2RS3525140M3693x3threadedGo to product
FE40D-2RS4028150M39x3threadedGo to product
FE45D-2RS4532163M42x3threadedGo to product
FE50D-2RS5035185M45x3threadedGo to product
FE60D-2RS6044210M52x3threadedGo to product
FE70D-2RS7049235M56x4threadedGo to product
FE80D-2RS8055270M64x4threadedGo to product
FI6U6306M6x1threadedGo to product
FI8U8368M8x1.25threadedGo to product
FI10U10439M10x1.5threadedGo to product
FI12U125010M12x1.75threadedGo to product
FI15U156112M14x2threadedGo to product
FI17U176714M16x2threadedGo to product
FI20U207716M20x1.5threadedGo to product
FI25U259420M24x2threadedGo to product
FI30U3011022M30x2threadedGo to product
FI35U-2RS3512525M36x3threadedGo to product
FI40U-2RS4014228M39x3threadedGo to product
FI45U-2RS4514532M42x3threadedGo to product
FI50U-2RS5016035M45x3threadedGo to product
FI60U-2RS6017544M52x3threadedGo to product
FI70U-2RS7020049M56x4threadedGo to product
FI80U-2RS8023055M64x4threadedGo to product
FIM40U-2RS4028142M42x3threadedGo to product
FIM45U-2RS4532145M45x3threadedGo to product
FIM50U-2RS5035160M52x3threadedGo to product
FIM60U-2RS6044175M60x4threadedGo to product
FIM70U-2RS7049200M72x4threadedGo to product
FIM80U-2RS8055230M80x4threadedGo to product
FE6U6636M6x1threadedGo to product
FE8U8842M8x1.25threadedGo to product
FE10U10948M10x1.5threadedGo to product
FE12U121054M12x1.75threadedGo to product
FE15U151263M14x2threadedGo to product
FE17U171469M16x2threadedGo to product
FE20U201678M20x1.5threadedGo to product
FE25U252094M24x2threadedGo to product
FE30U3022110M30x2threadedGo to product
FE35U-2RS3525140M3693x3threadedGo to product
FE40U-2RS4028150M39x3threadedGo to product
FE45U-2RS4532163M42x3threadedGo to product
FE50U-2RS5035185M45x3threadedGo to product
FE60U-2RS6044210M52x3threadedGo to product
FE70U-2RS7049235M56x4threadedGo to product
FE80U-2RS8055270M64x4threadedGo to product
FEM40U-2RS4028150M42x3threadedGo to product
FEM45U-2RS4532163M45x3threadedGo to product
FEM50U-2RS5035185M52X3threadedGo to product
FEM60U-2RS6044210M60x4threadedGo to product
FEM70U-2RS7049235M72x4threadedGo to product
FEM80U-2RS8055270M80x4threadedGo to product
FI6D6630M6x1threadedGo to product
FI8D8836M8x1.25threadedGo to product
FI10D10943M10x1.5threadedGo to product
FI12D121050M12x1.75threadedGo to product
FI15D151261M14x2threadedGo to product
FI17D171467M16x2threadedGo to product
FI20D201677M20x1.5threadedGo to product
FI25D252094M24x2threadedGo to product
FI30D3022110M30x2threadedGo to product
FI35D-2RS3525125M36x3threadedGo to product
FI40D-2RS4028142M39x3threadedGo to product
FI45D-2RS4532145M42x3threadedGo to product
FI50D-2RS5035160M45x3threadedGo to product
FI60D-2RS6044175M52x3threadedGo to product
FI70D-2RS7049200M56x4threadedGo to product
FI80D-2RS8055230M56x4threadedGo to product
CodeAL.Go to product
PFI5.UØ 08 - 10Go to product
4FP4x8Ø 08 - 10Go to product
FP08/10EØ 08 - 10Go to product
PP08/10EØ 08 - 10Go to product
CP08/10EØ 08 - 10Go to product
PFI6.UØ 12 - 16Go to product
4FP6x12Ø 12 - 16Go to product
FP12/16EØ 12 - 16Go to product
PP12/16EØ 12 - 16Go to product
CP12/16EØ 12 - 16Go to product
PFI8.UØ 20Go to product
4FP8x16Ø 20Go to product
FP20/25EØ 20Go to product
PP20/25EØ 20Go to product
CP20/25EØ 20Go to product
PFI10.1UØ 25Go to product
4FP10x20CØ 25Go to product
FP20/25EØ 25Go to product
PP20/25EØ 25Go to product
CP20/25EØ 25Go to product
PFI10.1UØ 32Go to product
4FP10x20CØ 32Go to product
CFP32EØ 32Go to product
PCP32EØ 32Go to product
CMP32EØ 32Go to product
CTP32EØ 32Go to product
CMIP32EØ 32Go to product
SCI32EØ 32Go to product
CIPT32EØ 32Go to product
PB32EØ 32Go to product
CVP32EØ 32Go to product
CLP32EØ 32Go to product
PFP32EØ 32Go to product
FLP32EØ 32Go to product
PFI12.1UØ 40Go to product
4FP12x24CØ 40Go to product
CFP40EØ 40Go to product
PCP40EØ 40Go to product
CMP40EØ 40Go to product
CTP40EØ 40Go to product
CMIP40EØ 40Go to product
SCI40EØ 40Go to product
CIPT40EØ 40Go to product
PB40EØ 40Go to product
CVP40EØ 40Go to product
CLP40EØ 40Go to product
PFP40EØ 40Go to product
FLP40EØ 40Go to product
PFI16.1UØ 50Go to product
4FP16x32CØ 50Go to product
CFP50EØ 50Go to product
PCP50EØ 50Go to product
CMP50EØ 50Go to product
CTP50EØ 50Go to product
CMIP50EØ 50Go to product
SCI50EØ 50Go to product
CIPT50EØ 50Go to product
PB50EØ 50Go to product
CVP50EØ 50Go to product
CLP50EØ 50Go to product
PFP50EØ 50Go to product
FLP50EØ 50Go to product
PFI16.1UØ 63Go to product
4FP16x32CØ 63Go to product
CFP63EØ 63Go to product
PCP63EØ 63Go to product
CMP63EØ 63Go to product
CTP63EØ 63Go to product
CMIP63EØ 63Go to product
SCI63EØ 63Go to product
CIPT63EØ 63Go to product
PB63EØ 63Go to product
CVP63EØ 63Go to product
CLP63EØ 63Go to product
PFP63EØ 63Go to product
FLP63EØ 63Go to product
PFI16.1UØ 80Go to product
4FP16x32CØ 80Go to product
CFP80EØ 80Go to product
PCP80EØ 80Go to product
CMP80EØ 80Go to product
CTP80EØ 80Go to product
CMIP80EØ 80Go to product
SCI80EØ 80Go to product
FLP80EØ 80Go to product
PFI20.1UØ 100Go to product
4FP20x40CØ 100Go to product
CFP100EØ 100Go to product
PCP100EØ 100Go to product
CMP100EØ 100Go to product
CTP100EØ 100Go to product
CMIP100EØ 100Go to product
SCI100EØ 100Go to product
FLP100EØ 100Go to product
PFI30.1UØ 125Go to product
4FP30x54CØ 125Go to product
CFP125EØ 125Go to product
PCP125EØ 125Go to product
CMP125EØ 125Go to product
CTP125EØ 125Go to product
CMIP125EØ 125Go to product
SCI125EØ 125Go to product
FLP125EØ 125Go to product
PFI35.1UØ 160Go to product
4FP35x72CØ 160Go to product
CFP160EØ 160Go to product
PCP160EØ 160Go to product
CMP160EØ 160Go to product
CTP160EØ 160Go to product
CMIP160EØ 160Go to product
SCI160EØ 160Go to product
FLP160EØ 160Go to product
PFI35.1UØ 200Go to product
4FP35x72CØ 200Go to product
CFP200EØ 200Go to product
PCP200EØ 200Go to product
CMP200EØ 200Go to product
CTP200EØ 200Go to product
CMIP200EØ 200Go to product
SCI200EØ 200Go to product
FLP200EØ 200Go to product