NEW VERTICAL WAREHOUSES The year of speed continues

NEW VERTICAL WAREHOUSES The year of speed continues


Our project to increase shipping speed


2023 at Eurosnodi the “Eurosnodi Vertical Warehouses” project begins, with the aim of increasing the speed of order fulfillment and accuracy in forecasting shipping times. This project, which includes the installation of six new “MODULA Lift MX75D” vertical warehouses and the creation of a warehouse fulfillment time measurement system, began in the last quarter of 2022 and will end in June 2023.

The installation of vertical warehouses specifically aims to reduce picking times on all the most frequently used codes. The “MODULA Lift MX75D” with their height of 5.10 m allow you to store up to 37 drawers with a maximum capacity of 750 kg, occupying a floor area of only 11.13 square meters; in this way we will also improve the use of the vertical space within our structure.

The fulfillment time measurement system is made up of eight detection stations along the entire order management process, thanks to which our management system will receive precise data in real time that will allow it to formulate accurate forecasts on workload and dates shipping of materials.

Once completed, this project will further improve our punctuality and speed in order fulfillment, with obvious benefits for our customers. We have declared 2023 as the “Year of Speed” and this is just one of the many projects we have underway to make it happen; by continuing to follow us on our web and social channels you will be constantly updated on all the news!

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