PR..CE-UK: A detailed analysis



The PR..CE is made of pressed steel C45 according to DIN 24338 – ISO 6982 – ISO 8132 standards, with a slotted shank to allow fastening by tightening hexagonal screws according to DIN 912 class 12.9, and in its standard version it mounts the GE..LO relubricable ball joint.

Over time we were increasingly asked for technical and application requirements, especially in those where proper lubrication is difficult, for a self-lubricating version, so our technical department began to study the application of a different type of ball joint inside the PR..CE body.

After careful evaluation and several tests, we have identified the best type of ball joint in our GE..UK, ball joint constructed with carbon steel outer ring pressed around the inner ring, with a PTFE composite bushing interposed, the inner ring is hardened with chrome-plated sliding surface. Also available in 2RS version. Being suitable for applications with high loads, one-sided and without stress or shock such as lifting equipment, lifting tables, crane booms.

Thus PR..CE-UK was born.

With the GE..UK we go slightly out of the regulatory dictates, as the GE..LO is wider, however, with the addition of two spacers, we can bring the dimensions back to the original values.

This solution brings with it several advantages, first of all the increase in dynamic load secondly not needing lubrication there is no risk that poor or lack of lubrication could lead to premature wear of the terminal and problems with the operation of the application.

standard PR..CE-UK 

PR..CE-UK-2RS with green seals

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