Not only physical speed but also digital with an application to manage all vertical warehouse operations and even more


The WMS (Warehouse Management System) is the warehouse management software created and developed to manage all the operations of vertical warehouses, in practice it is the thinking brain of the warehouse, which allows the machine to manage complex information on what is happening in terms of access, handling of goods (withdrawal / deposit), locations of products and stocks.

The software is installed on a dedicated machine (PC Master) with an automatic backup function so as not to lose any data. Once this step is completed, other PCs called Clients can be configured to allow the use of the program also from other workstations and then by other users, all protected by username and password. Interfacing with the management system or ERP completes the configuration.

Through the software you can always check the functionality of the warehouse and the data connected to it at any time, you can know which operator has had access to a specific drawer, manage its slotting (subdivision) into compartments to accommodate more products and always be updated on the inventory in real time. All these data are a valuable source for the company because through their analysis we can better understand the logistics flow of the entire warehouse, optimizing its efficiency and thus reducing waste and management costs.

With its software, the warehouse ceases to be just a simple vertical warehouse but becomes a fundamental component of the IoT, being able to interface with the company management system as well as with other technologies. The WMS can also be used for the management of traditional warehouses where data monitoring and greater flow control are required.

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